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Data Loading Made Easy

cloud explorer for Salesforce is an app that allows users to drag-and-drop records from production to sandbox (any org-to-org really), just like how you would with File Explorer in Windows. It’s the same concept. It allows you to copy the records, along with their parent and/or related list records with a single drag-and-drop from one org to another.

Give Advancement A Real Boost

ascend is the most comprehensive Advancement product for Salesforce - empowering Universities to reach fundraising goals and deepen relationships with your constituents. The ascend solution includes product modules such as ascend Bio-Demo, ascend Prospect Management, and ascend Gift Management.

Massive Updates Simplified

ruli is a native Salesforce app that provides the capability to add, update and delete records based on user-defined rules. Users can define what records to create, update or delete based on a set of criteria that must be met before the records are added, updated or deleted. A preview of the records to be added, updated or deleted is provided, and then once the user confirms, the changes can then deployed.