Data Loading
Made Easy

Salesforce data loading has never been faster nor easier. Just drag n’ drop from one org to another.

cloud explorer Dataloader provides intuitive drag n’ drop to migrate data across multiple Salesforce orgs similar to the user-friendliness of Windows/Mac. Copying parent and related list records has never been this easy and fast!

We've combined convenience and efficiency to create a user-friendly design to perform data migration tasks with ease.

Included with ascend

Video Guides


  • Copying data between production and sandbox Salesforce orgs

  • Migrating data from one production org to another

  • Uploading data using CSV files


  • Save time with ability to migrate parent and child records in one drag n’ drop instead of breaking into multiple steps.

  • 50X faster than Salesforce Data Loader.

  • Simple to use since you can move multiple items like attachments with drag n’ drop.

  • Less expensive by migrating all your production data and not paying for a full sandbox.

  • Secure, passed Salesforce Security Review

"It took me all of 5 minutes to figure out how to use the product, and another 10 to realize I can limit the records I need by SOQL query. That’s friggin’ awesome!"

Jim Mitchell,
Sr. Business Systems Analyst

Who Loves cloud explorer DataLoader?

Salesforce Consultants with new Client implementations that need to move data from one Salesforce org to another.
Internal Salesforce Admin and Developers that are moving data between Salesforce orgs and to sandboxes.


Data migration is a time-consuming part of Client implementations and big piece of overall project budget.

  • Increase project margin by using less consulting resources to migrate client data.

  • More competitive bidding since lower data migration costs gives your room to propose competitive bids.

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Data migration typically requires higher level resources due to its complexity and time consumption. It's also costly to move production data to full sandbox.

  • You don’t have to be expert in Salesforce Data Loader - simply drag n’ drop from one org to another.

  • Less expensive as you can now migrate all your production data without paying for a full sandbox.

cloud explorer Dataloader In Action

Watch how easy to use.


  • Supports (2) Data Migration scenarios
    Salesforce to Salesforce, CSV to Salesforce.

  • Intuitive drag and drop user interface
    Provides similar capabilities of Windows Explorer to Salesforce with the ability to drag and drop data between browsers.

  • Copy data between Salesforce orgs
    Copy data between Salesforce orgs while maintaining parent/child relationships.

  • Delete data
    Delete data by dragging and dropping data into the trash can.

  • Map objects and fields
    Define how objects and fields between Salesforce orgs should be mapped.

  • Copy related list and parent records
    Copy the related list and parent records of the data in a single drag and drop operation.

  • Copy attachments
    Copy multiple items like attachments with a single drag n’ drop.

  • Enforce security/sharing rules
    Abide by the user's security/sharing rules defined in the Salesforce orgs.

"The most important feature was the transfer of attachments, it took us a while to transfer them in smaller chunks because of the buffer size, etc, but it worked great. It would be the tool of our choice for our future migrations."

Trebhuan Singh,
Major Pharmaceutical Company